I am prophetic today.

A miracle is coming to the world.

I saw this when I was watching CBS This Morning and watched a segment of outpouring support internationally for Black Lives Matter. Yes! Around the world, people have been protesting, marching, and kneeling to support our plight in the United States: racial injustice.

There have been arguments against the phrase “Black Lives Matter” with “All Lives Matter,” but, again, someone or some people have made new slogans about these differences between the two phrases. Yes, of course, all lives matter, but it appears that black people’s lives matter less!

A miracle is approaching.

I believe all people are getting tired of the inequalities. White people are upset that racism is blatant and in our faces; the government is shunning it as much as they can, and the people in this government finally understand that it has to change!

We do not need another MLK; no. We have to be MLK! We have to be the movement – we cannot look for another man or woman to lead the way! We are the men and women to do that.

The tides have changed.

A miracle is approaching.

I read one of my niece’s Instagram posts provided some insights into how people viewed her. One comment she wrote about is a person who said, “You’re too pretty to be black.” You see, my niece is biracial. She has light skin, but thick curly hair. She looks like my brother, of course, and she has hints of her mother. But, that comment not only bothered her, but it also shook the very foundation of who she is: an African-American woman.

Do you see the problem?

I hear voices saying, “Everybody is too sensitive. Everybody is offended easily.” Yes. We are. If you have never been offended regularly, then you have no room to say anything!

Excuse me. I digressed.

A miracle is just over the horizon. I see the movement. I hear the voices of the people.

I believe that if this injustice and inequality don’t bother you, then something is wrong. If you are not moved by the emotional pleas of family members who have experienced significant loss through police brutality, then something is wrong.

You see, I have not experienced police brutality in my family. However, I think about how it could have happened to my brothers, my male cousins, my dad, or my nephews.

I believe in miracles.

I believe a miracle is coming and when it does – we can start breathing again.

Author: L.S. Watson

Hi. My name is L.S. Watson, and I'm an English teacher at a charter high school. I enjoy traveling (my favorite places are Rome and Paris), writing poetry, and watching documentaries. I have a lovable yet stubborn Yorkie-Poo named Chuy.

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