A Poem for the Ages


In my thoughts.

It is time for thinking and reflecting.

It is time to forgive and cleanse my soul.

This is the year to manifest faith and to begin to pray;

Most are not eager; most don’t believe it because they can’t see it.

This present course is akin to death or anxiety; some have no idea about suffering and regret.

Some people haven’t touched the finger of poverty – they don’t know lack.

I do.

Eating peaches and oatmeal in my 20s, alone and 400 miles away, made me understand hardship.

It is in my roots to be alone in a world of desperation.

My ancestors suffered and struggled. They know about trials and tribulations.

And my inheritance is not money or power, but prayer.

Prayer will get me through this time – not money or the latest gadgets.

The wails of songs and hymns are more valuable than cynicism and negativity.

You see, people who never struggled or who don’t pray call all of this chaos and terror.

I call this another experience to pray about – a part of my inheritance – for the ages.


Author: L.S. Watson

Hi. My name is L.S. Watson, and I'm an English teacher at a charter high school. I enjoy traveling (my favorite places are Rome and Paris), writing poetry, and watching documentaries. I have a lovable yet stubborn Yorkie-Poo named Chuy.

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