Why Can’t I Write?

I asked God this morning, “Why can’t I write?”

I have these brilliant story ideas in my head, and just before I sit up in bed in the morning, I am thinking about these excellent stories. But as soon as I open a Word document…nothing happens.

Why can’t I write?

What’s wrong with me?

I am so frustrated that I decided to pour out my frustration to you, my non-readers. My followers who really don’t follow me at all. So I am gutting myself on this blog to understand what is happening to my brain.

Sometimes, I am so afraid that I becoming forgetful. I am afraid that perhaps I have something that is preventing me from using my creativity. I want to pour out the stories onto the page and see a masterpiece, but what I see are primitive words that perhaps a nine-year-old could write. Even now I feel like a criminal for writing this piece.

I have a brilliant piece of writing about my father called “The Grieving Tree.” I want to complete it and published before Tucson’s Festival of Books. The Festival of Books is a beautiful event for readers and writers! It has a similar feeling of a child’s excitement when they enter Disneyland and see Mickey Mouse’s face on the sprawling green lawn. At least, that’s what the festival makes me feel like: I see tents across the University of Arizona’s mall filled with books! And, usually, I like to go alone because my meandering would make a person dizzy.

I love books.

Oh…that’s the answer. Books. I haven’t been writing because I haven’t been reading.

I am an English teacher, who is also working on her doctorate degree. My reading is limited to journal articles, nonfiction reading. Writing papers have dominated my time too, and I am behind on grading my students’ work. Therefore, I have no time to write!

And no time for writing is very frustrating for a writer.

So I am on a journey to help myself professionally, but I am not fulfilling the creative part of me. I cannot imagine a visual artist who doesn’t have time to draw, paint, or sketch.

I am also doing other grown-up things, like moving to a more inexpensive place to live; paying outrageous bills; and, finding ways to organize myself.

Oh, I cannot forget that I have another outlet: Chuy.

Chuy is my six-year-old Yorkie Poo. He is energetic and gives me kisses when I sit on my couch with my laptop and sob softly because I don’t understand how to write an assigned paper for my class.

Last night, while I looked at my overdue paper, he brought me his green ball, and we began to play. He is so attuned to me. He will look into my eyes when I am talking to him, and he stares as I explain to him how I need to organize myself so that I feel like I am not floating through time. Then I profusely apologize to him for not walking him in the morning, and I make promises that we will walk in the evening. I don’t do it.

But, that’s the beauty about dogs: they don’t care about promises. They don’t care about assignments. Chuy steps on my keyboard when he feels my anxiety level rise. He doesn’t care. He gives me kisses on the cheek and grunts, jumps off from my lap, runs outside, barks and barks come back inside, checks on me sit next to me and do the same routine over again until I get up and we take that walk. One of my friends suggested I write a children’s book about Chuy.

I can’t even write a children’s book about Chuy!

So…I’m writing about my frustration. Yes, I am taking the time to write this, but this is a rant, and I am releasing this anger and pain. I don’t want to talk to anyone about this because I don’t want to hear someone say, “You need to take the time to write. Just do it!”

Easier said than done.

Maybe, just maybe, after I finish this piece of writing on the wall, I can look at it and start fresh. I can reorganize myself and check off the duties I have: catch up with my grading; finish my overdue paper; pack; walk and play with Chuy; and, then relax by completing

design desk display eyewear
Photo by energepic.com on Pexels.com

my dad’s story and write some poetry. I believe that is what I need to do.

“Just do it.”

Thanks, Nike.

Author: L.S. Watson

Hi. My name is L.S. Watson, and I'm an English teacher at a charter high school. I enjoy traveling (my favorite places are Rome and Paris), writing poetry, and watching documentaries. I have a lovable yet stubborn Yorkie-Poo named Chuy.

3 thoughts on “Why Can’t I Write?”

  1. Writing is writing. Some of it is far harder to feel joyful about, but it’s all writing: this blog, your books, your beautiful poetry, even the essay for your doctorate. It sounds like you’re not happy with the material you’re creating, and you’re pushing yourself to write beautiful work; but maybe right now you don’t have the time and energy for beautiful work. So then you write ugly work. Or simple work. Or honest work. Or violent work. All of it is useful. My wife, the artist, told me this wonderful thing she learned from her illustration professors, when they were talking about sketchbooks: the professor said (I want to say it was Barron Storey, but I don’t remember for sure) that every artist has 10,000 bad drawings inside of them, and the point of the sketchbook wasn’t to find the brilliant drawing behind the 10,000, it was a place where you could get the 10,000 bad drawings out of your system, so you could focus on the good stuff.

    So maybe try to get the other writing out of you right now. Anything you write is good for you.


  2. You have A LOT on your plate! That To Do List looks monumental to me, but I know you can do it. Prioritize and don’t let yourself get too tired. I’m so grateful and happy you have Chuy; he is a perfect companion ♥ Did you know there are many teacher blog posts on managing grading for the HS English class. I don’t know if they are applicable. Can someone help with packing. All things are possible with the Lord; just ask. He is also at your side. Love, Debbi

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  3. I feel the same.
    Afraid when I sit down to write a story. Blog posts about books are easy for me but for some reason, writing the stories I have in mind makes me freeze up. They never come out the way I have them in mind.

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